My books are available to read and are listed below.

I am currently half way through my up and coming young adult science fiction novel and will post news about it in December 2019.

The Girl From Our Moon – Entanglement – By R A Bishop (Part one)


A harmonious civilisation of angels live on the colourful and idealistic planet Venus.

However, one wild and comical rebel does not fit into this picture. The spontaneous angel Luna, is regular gossip throughout her home planet, due to her continuous need to break the universal laws.

Luna’s final punishment comes from Leader Arch Angel Michael. Luna must complete a quest and teach Professor Starling to teleport. Or be booted from heaven and be banished to hellish Mars.

With deliberate brain damage, she is held in a London hospital, until a suitable foster parent is found. With a dog as a friend, and her trusty foretelling scroll, Luna is lead to enrol into college to complete her mission.

Luna finally meets her charming college teacher Professor Starling, an environmentalist, who wants London to evolve in an eco-friendly direction. Luna who has a duty of compassion for Earth harmonises with his ideas, and Starling finds himself falling madly in taboo love with his student.

Her scientific secret could make Starling’s dreams come true, and help Earth survive against climate change. But first, can Luna convince him she is really an Angel? Or will he hand her over to evil government men and let the doctor label her insane?

The Gentleman From Our Sun – Oscillation – By R A Bishop (Sequel)


Luna returns to Venus and her earthly accomplishments are celebrated. Luna’s faerie friends are overjoyed to see her, but some angels do not approve of Luna’s new Arch Angel title. Nonetheless she must prepare her angelic family for a war against Mars.

Earth has bigger issues, with global warming no closer to being resolved, rumour has it Starling has betrayed Luna, and revoked his teleportation plans. At the most vital time, Leader Arch Angel Michael mysteriously disappears leaving Luna and the other Arch Angels utterly bewildered.

Can Luna forgive Professor Starling and finally discover a secret only together they can possess? Or will Starling finally give Lucifer what he has wanted for centuries…The power of the moon!

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