A short introduction

Welcome to my personal blog.

I’m a writer who is passionate about the environment, nature, ethical living, veganism, the paranormal and quantum physics. I am a firm believer in the law of attraction, that science and spirituality go hand in hand. I have a solution based attitude and have been inspired by Esther Hicks, Rudolf Steiner, Nikola Tesla, Einstein, and comedian Bill Hicks.

I will be updating my blog once a week with important discoveries and shocking issues, that I feel the mainstream media should be sharing.

In this modern day you would think us humans, supposedly highly evolved intelligent creatures, would want to feed starving children, rescue abused animals, and even possibly be kind to their neighbours.. Right?

Instead we are more consumed with our flashy mobile phones, overrated television programs and the overpriced fashion industry. What seems to be a regurgitation of everything that was wrong with the 1980s.

I do not disapprove of the creative process behind the products and services. It’s the ridiculous price tag, the hyped up advertising and dirty production methods, which manipulates the masses to buy into the culture of consumerism and the ideology of capitalism.

Is it only me who feels this way?

I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments. Thanks for taking the time to read, take care, go green, stay clean. Peace out. X

“There is neither evolution nor destiny; Only being.” ~ Albert Einstein.


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  1. Onemorechap says:

    Oh you’re so right. People don’t even do an effort to minimize the consequences of their lifestyles towards the earth or one another and that doesn’t make sense at all! 😢

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    1. I know we nuts all try to do better! Lets stay positive x

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  2. I agree with you about the “ridiculous price tag, the hyped up advertising and dirty production methods”… And I always try to be conscious about the options out there, the environment and everything in between. Sometimes it’s difficult, but little by little things will change and choices will be easier to make.
    And we all can do at least the little things that can help the world, and gradually we will do the bigger changes in our lives and help out even more. That’s my hope.

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    1. I totally agree! Thank you for doing your best Jess! Xx

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  3. Kiera says:

    I love this blog!! I totally agree. I’ve been vegan for a year ( my anniversary was this month actually!) I’m 15 and haven’t eaten meat for 8 years and I am too, very passionate about the things stated above (aswell as reading!!) I love the message you’re putting across and will definitely show my friends your page which will hopefully help open their eyes to the issue. I’ve actually tagged them in your latest competition post! Thanks again for spreading the word xxx

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    1. Congratulations! Thank you also for sharing and for being a vegan! Xx


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