Welcome to Veganuary! But we forgot to mention..

I turned vegan over two years ago, and I haven’t had meat for 14 years, but there will be no bragging points for me. The lime light will go to the Vegan activists, Instagrammers and food critics. They are the new celebrities, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but I will add, I have never bought into the culture of stars and idols.

I’m really fascinated with human behaver, and lately I’ve been wondering why people are suddenly making the transition into veganism. Social media played a massive part, and of course the odd coverage on the news. Us compassionate persons have been laughed at, called names such as weirdos in the previous years, but now people are joining us.

But Why?

Welcome Veganuary, last year over 100,000 persons took part in the bid to stop eating meat, dairy, and eggs for a month. This is what I found at my local Sainsbury’s store.

I believe without the supermarkets help, taking this word veganuary and using it to make a trend, we would not have as many new vegans as we do this year. In 2018, in one month 52,000 persons from the UK converted and committed to being a full time vegan. I wonder what the stats will be this year.

Now this where I become cynical and open one’s eyes.

These supermarkets manipulated people and easily, because they didn’t shop local, or try grow their own. Supermarkets profited so hard from the customers they were starting to loose and people joined their trend, because advertisements allured them to. This annoys me because people have turned vegan without the proper education, and behind this campaign is a corrupt world which is a right winged capitalist one.

If we were truly vegan, environmentalists, cared about animals, we would grow our own plants. Instead we are letting those farmers exploit the bees, and fuel the supermarkets with our little wages to keep killing animals and packaging meat. Those vegan supermarket meals are covered in brightly convenient plastic, which contributes to climate change, plastic pollution and hurts many living species.

We long term vegans did forget to mention, where to shop.

It is an obligation for all activists and vegans to make sure the food industry doesn’t exploit us and the animals.It is wiser if we shop at our local fruit and veg stalls, only eat at vegan restaurants and cafes. And try to grow our own, in our gardens or on our balconies.

There are approx. 600,000 vegans world wide, but which ones still buy from companies like nestle who damage the rainforests, kill animals and fund the farming industry. They own just about everything you pick up in a box, wrapper or tube. So read the label for more than ingredients this year my fellow vegans, so you can help save animals lives and their habitat in the process. Don’t just stop eating them, think about your carbon footprint.

I’m just planting seeds guys.

Last year, I had my own allotment space, yes it cost me, but free ones are available. It may have required some work, but veg grows fast with the right amount of sunlight. You can even use non-recyclable plastics that would end up dumped in a landfill somewhere, to help attract more heat. This year join me in your own garden, turn your space into a food galore, become self-sufficient. Capitalism is the reason animals have little support and no voice! Make a bigger difference, grow something!

“I myself eschew all stimulants. I also practically abstain from meat. I am convinced that within a century coffee, tea, and tobacco will be no longer in vogue.” – Nikola Tesla


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  1. Onemorechap says:

    It’s funny how sellers take advantage of what they consider a trend, just to sell their products. This is the world we live in and that’s so hypocritic of supermarkets to advertise veganism just to sell more :/

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This is how the big corps make money, yep I highly dislike their thinking.


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