We are plastic people & that awful crunch!

1935 gave birth to the plastic industry and as most inventions go, they expand until their resources run dry. This one certainly will, but it’s the damage it will leave behind, (that it has already left behind) that will affect us all, not the usage.

We are plastic people, playing with plastic toys, oh how our plastic annoys!

We use our toiletries to follow the cleanliness regulations at work, we eat take-out food because we are too tired to cook from fresh, we buy our convenient cosmetic tools to hide our unhealthy blemishes, and we upgrade our flashy mobiles to satisfy our egotistic boredom. There isn’t one item that doesn’t come wrapped, stored, or carried away in poisonous plastic.

Why should we avoid plastic?

Is it just me, or does it drive you mad when you hear that awful crunch, a child makes when they crinkle their fizzy pop bottle?

Besides the obvious, that plastic is made from fossil fuels, which is the number one contributor to climate change, plastic is the number one free-floating waste problem worldwide. Plastic has become an individual and commercial crisis that seems to hurt many animals and their habitat. It doesn’t stop at animals either, human beings are exploited and their homes are stolen from them. So big corporations can put up another factory and spit out more trashy plastic.

My journey

Last year I dedicated my time and visited many national trust sites, beaches and forests around Ireland. So I could investigate the results of plastic pollution and what I found was utterly shocking.

Those once pebbly walkways, fruitful forests, silky sands, and glittery oceans, now reflect synthetic chaos. In trees I found holey plastic bags, swaying with the wind. Baby plastic straws mixed in with sea shells. Crisp packets floating inside precious lakes, and old mobile phone cases on rocky lands.

These foreign objects, are harmful to nature, there is no debate necessary. I have seen photographs of dolphins caught in plastic wrapping and the results, it was choked to death. I have witnessed decaying birds insides filled with plastic debris because birds believe plastic is food.

Those little lollypop sticks are coated in sugar fragments, and those bottle caps will smell of delicious drinks for months later. Sea life cannot swim around all plastic, they must eat quickly, and they do not have the hands or fingers to pick the plastic out of seaweed.

Ask yourself this, how would you feel if your home was filled with others rubbish?

It has made me question whether the human race has any compassion at all. For now I remain sceptical and angry, but there is some positive news on the way.

Going plastic free!

Anger only empowers me, so I joined Greenpeace for 6 months to help tackle the problem. I gave individuals on the street, in the supermarket and online via Instagram & Facebook, the biodegradable alternatives to plastic and the place they could buy them.

Toiletries & cosmetics – Use glass containers, paper, cardboard or no wrapping, and bamboo/metal shaving razors. (Lush and georganics)

Food/Drink– Buy fruit and veg in singles, buy takeout food in decomposable containers. Bring a reusable straw, bamboo or cork bag. A reusable steel flask instead of buying bottled drinks. A reusable coffee mug instead a takeout cup. Make homemade cheese and milks from loose nuts. (Health stores and supermarkets)

Menstrual products – Moon cup, organic reusable pads. (Uncaptive)

Personally I like to avoid any sort of container or wrapper and try the Zero waste method. This is simple, this is where all purchases are used without waste. Nothing to be disposed of, and no recycling necessary.

The more energy we use to power recycling factories, or heat to produce these biodegradable containers, the less likely we are to reverse global warming. We have a 12 year deadline, to start change or the crisis will be unresolved. For your children, and their children’s future, do your bit, take the pledge, go Zero waste.

There is hope, the EU have plans to ban single use plastic by 2021, but with Brexit plans in the UK, will the British government take this issue seriously ? Or will they also leave the climate agreement just like the USA?

Sorry to end on a crappy note, but for goodness sake, clean up your dog sh*t!


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  1. Onemorechap says:

    Thank you for sharing! I didn’t know you had joined Green Peace! ♥


    1. Yes, it was fun for a short while educating others. But in the end we were not arranging enough activities just performing lectures. I need to arrange a Litter pick.


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