What do single parents and worker bees have in common?

Your food is consistent, fast, and abundant. Your stomach rarely flutters a growl. But have you ever given thought to how your foods processed? The effort and energy used?

Some of us give thanks to an invisible force, some to the breadwinner and others praise the good weather.

Some of us choose to buy organic, GMO free, and even avoid E-numbers. I myself a vegan, tag along the free from chain, and avoid pretty much all unnatural ingredients. That goes for big corporations that fund animal slaughter, however, I am struggling to avoid bee exploitation.

These beautiful buzzing creatures, (that cannot see red) use scent to find their pollen to make their honey. They create intricate hexagon shapes, a cleverly engineered structure, to use up all available space, to house their young, and contain sweet nectar within the hive.

What we fail daily, as a human race, is to appreciate these wonderful winged, black and yellow insects. They pollinate your food, from fruit, to seeds/nuts and even vegetables.

Such busy bees.

There are 20,000 types of bee worldwide, honeybee of course being the most common. We know there is a queen bee, the worker bees and less mentioned the drones. We know the queen bee is the only one that dedicates her life to procreating. However, unsurprisingly, it’s her only job to lay eggs.

It’s the worker bees, (who are also female) who clean the hive, collect the nectar/pollen to feed the colony and take care of the offspring. While the drone bees (male) simply mate and leave.

Sounds like a single parent to me!

These female worker bees can travel up to 7 miles, which is the equivalent of a human travelling around the world 3 times.

Maybe we are not so different from the bees. To me this type of altruistic behaver or possible slavery, sounds a little like an old fashioned monarchy. The queen and her cleaning maids, child minders and sex servants.

When a worker bee collects its nectar and pollen from a sweet flower, some pollen from the stamens sticks to her hairs. Deliberate or not, when she visits the next flower, this pollen is rubbed onto the stigma. When this happens fertilization becomes possible, so we can then eat what grows.

Bees and flowers have developed a special and unique type of relationship, to ensure each other’s survival. Flowers shine bright colours and diffuse sweet smells, to attract the bees so they can reproduce. Cleverly, bees have known to react similarly, one case was documented in Scotland, that if a bee was to vibrate at precisely 44.100 hertz or a middle C note, it could open the petals of a particular type of flower, to take its pollen.

But to bee or not to bee?

These remarkable beings, do extraordinary things, to thrive their hive, and help flowers spread their seedlings to incredibly keep us fed. But as many vegans know, cows, and chickens (just to name a few) are not the only animals to be enslaved by man.

Bees are also captured, locked up, and shipped away for our convenience.

Worldwide bee keepers befriend these beauties, and capture them inside containers to transport them city to city because there is simply not enough bees to grow the amount of food we demand as a human race.

Vegans are not guiltless, their demand for all types of nutty milk, because of the disagreement with the dairy industry, means they are also contributing to the demand of this enslavement.

Above is a fatal lorry crash, and bees were killed in this transportation accident. Thieves in the USA tried to run this driver off the road to steal the bees so they could pollinate their own almond trees.

This natural process between creature and nature, has become a man made, criminal hijacking.

If the bees become extinct, the human race dies with them.

Our Bees are almost endangered as we rapidly kill them with our chemical pesticides and other unnatural fertilisers, to mass produce food to meet our greedy demands. But do we have a choice when organic and fair-trade food is so expensive?

Avoiding honey as a vegan is simply not enough effort, we must as a human race consume less, to stop this genocide and let the bees produce naturally.

There is a solution, we can give the bees an opportunity to rise in numbers, so flowers that surely feed us, will continue to grow in the future.

We cannot rely just on the wind to blow, this operation is also too precise to imitate via machine.

The solution below is something natural and much more rewarding.

Wildlife Corridors

Above is a photograph I took in Camden town (London), of a building covered in shrubs, this is what we call a type of wildlife corridor.

Coming to terms that we have regrettably created a worldwide concrete jungle, cities are now thinking of ways to help the bees and insects. Corporate offices and apartment buildings are planting many types of flowers and shrubs on their buildings and balconies to help.

As individuals, we can learn to grow veg and herbs from home that do not require the bees to pollinate them. So we don’t fill our needs, our demands by imprisoning the poor dears, to fill our stomachs.

“Take all the money we spend on defence and weapons each year, and instead spend that feeding and clothing the poor. So we can together explore space, inner and outer forever. ”  ~ Bill Hicks


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  1. I just loved this post. And I can see the connection you are making and I agree!

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    1. Yes nature can be strange. I hope we can all help the bees!

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