The Palm Tree: The Universal Symbol Of A Holiday

When you think of a palm tree do you automatically associate it with a holiday? A beach vacation or bikini weather?  

As a child I did.

Universal symbolizing has always fascinated me, however this type of symbolizing has been used as a sneaky sales tactic and hides a negative truth.

Vegan or not, inside your biscuits, chocolate and oily spreads (just to name a few) contain a certain type of vile vegetable fat. Your glowing make-up, rejuvenating face creams, cleansing body wash that may have been labelled as ‘not tested on animals’ and ‘derived from natural resources’ will include this cheap but life endangering ingredient.

The culprit: Palm Oil

Sometimes when we see labels such as:



Fair trade




Not-tested on animals

We assume the seller cares about the environment, earth and it’s animals. These cleverly strategized words are marketed to decent ethical people, when really the truth is these words are not as they read.

Did you know to label a product as organic, fair-trade or processed through sustainable farming, that single item only needs to contain 50% of those resources?

Which means the supplier can still give you half a product with a dirty back story. Just because a product is labelled vegan does not mean it hasn’t somewhere in the process, contributed to deforestation, endangered an animal’s habitat, or been produced via child labour.

Only 21% of palm oil worldwide comes from sustainable farming, which is still extremely low considering the amount of ‘ethical’ products on the shelf.

The palm oil industry promotes child labour in remote areas of Indonesia-Malaysia, these poor children are made to carry heavy loads of fruit for hours.

This certainly violates human rights laws and makes me feel ashamed and sick, how dare we deprive them of a childhood! All because they can produce 10 times the amount of oil from palm fruit compared to the sunflower and soya beans.

There are roughly 20 million hectares of abandoned land available to grow palm trees. However companies prefer clearing the forests first, so they can sell the timber trees and sometimes frack for oil, to get double the profit. Not only is this pure greedy, but the oil industry is the number 1 contributor towards global warming. These dirty profiteers have cut down glorious trees which could have absorbed the CO2 and help earth cool down.

Palm oil plantations cause deforestation which is bad for earth and its animals. As of now, every third mammal in Indonesia is listed under endangered species due to deforestation and encroaching on their habitat.

Indonesia had managed to clear twice the amount of forest compared to Southern American countries ranking it number 1 in deforestation. South East Asia has been widely affected due to fires used to destroy the rain forests and around 110,000 people die prematurely each year because of this toxic air pollution.

60 million tonnes of palm oil is exported yearly from south East Asia, and new reports show that Indonesian and Malaysian rainforests will be destroyed by the year 2022!

This isn’t long, and I am crying as I type this.

2018 brought me some hope, as Scientists finally had mainstream media coverage to report the figures on climate change and with this Veganism rose by 700%.

However, you’ve guessed it the demand for palm oil will continue to rise until all forests and rainforests are cleared and most animals are endangered. What will be left? The symbolic palm tree, the only tree.

Do you have a nice exciting image of a summer holiday now?

Vegans and animal lovers we live in consumeristic times, in a capitalist society, that love you insecure so you buy more! But please if you care about animals then you should know when you buy palm oil you are killing these endangered species below.

Pygmy Elephant

Sumatran Tiger

Asian Rhinoceros

Sun Bear

Clouded Leopard

Malayan Tapir

Proboscis Monkey

Gibbon and many many more.

Over 50 orangutans are killed every week, along with their homes burnt to a crisp.



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  1. Cassie McDonald says:

    This is the worst thing ever. I am officially checking everything I own for palm oil! I attempt to buy from environment friendly companys but I never knew that wasn’t enough!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You try your best, don’t stress too much! Little by little we make changes, bless you!


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