Do You Honour Your Flow?

Women, we are multi-tasking geniuses, mommy making machines, flirtatious feminists and for sure free thinking warriors. So why is it every month, we go through the torment and embarrassment of trying to hide our periods?

Women are eager to please the eye, we dress to impress at work, exercise to the max at the gym and party gracefully with friends on the weekends. But cringe, one of us has an ultra-pad wedgey, or worse a spot of blood on one’s seamless white thong!

We suffer agonizing cramps, develop moods swings, and try everything to be comfortable during this inconvenient time. Then to top it off, we are criticized for the wastage in the sanctuary bins, male cashiers squirm at our tampons and it’s all totally unavoidable attention.

You know me, I like to think of myself as an eco-connoisseur but who knew it I learnt something new about my period this week. Did you know tampons take 6 months to decompose?! And sanitary pads are made of 95% plastic?

Well women unite, because today we can wear our menstrual products proudly, flow comfortably and ethically waste free. 

So let’s have more “Ahhh” moments and less “Opps” moments.

Introducing Honour Your Flow

The lovely Vicky Sherrard founder of HYF, sent me some miraculous menstrual products to try. I mean it they are miraculous!

I must say I have a lot of respect and admiration for Ms Sherrard, she has experienced off-grid Eco living (which my communist heart is dying to try) and from this experience she took back with her the wonderful world of menstrual alternatives.

Vicky is a woman who honours the body and to me a vital part of not only the menstrual revolution but also the zero waste evolution.

No slip or slide, leaving that for the boyfriend!

Let’s be honest your monthly cycle comes at a cost, but I’m not writing this to moan about the governments lack of menstrual funding. I’m here to tell you, I am going to help you save pounds, while doing your bit to help the reversal of climate change, the animals and go zero waste.

Organic Cotton Fairtrade Reusable Pads.

I have tried these and I have to say they are cosier than a cloud, as durable as a towel, and mould perfectly discreet. If you are like me and half the time flow heavy, you know how irritating and itchy pads can be. They slide around, sometimes leak and shamefully show through your trousers.

Believe me, these pads are nothing like you’ve ever tried before and I am never going back to supermarket plastic ones. There is a little clip on the wings to keep it in place, the cotton is super soft, and honestly I found them easy to hand wash with my eco-fabric detergent.

I wore my pad at night-time, fell asleep with ease because these pads do not itch or make horrible crinkly noises. The next morning, I found no spillages, honestly I was gobsmacked. Clean sheets how can you beat that!?

Critical me put my pads through the ringer and wore them during a yoga workout. I was stunned to find I could move freely bending upside down and flex without the pad sliding or sticking to my thigh!

These wonderful pads come in all different sizes, shapes and absorbent capabilities with many colours to match your clothing choice. The names are super swag, such as moody blue, primal pink and white velour.

Honour Your Flow’s workers/master sewers are generously paid and work from the comfort of their own homes!

Oh and if you aren’t a pad person, HYF sells ‘Me Luna cups’ in replacement of tampons. Me Luna cups are easily washed and reused for a lifetime! Don’t be daunted by them, they mould faultlessly to fit you as they come in many assorted shapes. Not to forget to mention totally invisible to prying eyes at the beach.

Day or Night Honour Your Flow has the right product for you!

If you run a low energy, eco-mode on your washing machine, there is an awesome stain remover just in case. I mean it ladies, no overspills guarantee, Vicky ‘The Flow Warrior’ has got you covered.

Honour Your Flow IG – @honouryourflow

Website –


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  1. nargiskalani says:

    This blog is so informative. Lifted my spirits ❤. Now, I am more inclined to look for pads like this in my own country. Thank you for this uplifting blog.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I hope you find some! X


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