Lost at the supermarket

Special offers, reduced items, who doesn’t love a bargain? But what about when that bargain has terms and conditions? Hidden agendas? Well.. I won’t be fooled again.

The fruit and veg isle is fully stocked, bright and appealing, however very misleading. Go closer, study your local produce a little. See that faux shine, winking at you? There is nothing natural about it, GMO, laboratory grown. Oh and that sticky synesthetic cling film, will glue to the ground until it chokes a pretty birdy don’t you know?


Do you know where your food comes from?

Then there are us average laymen, we skip happily around the grocery store, without a care in the world. We don’t make the connection because we haven’t watched a single crop come into fruition. We consumers are responsible for murdering animals, poisoning each other’s health, and pumping unnecessary CO2 into mother earth, to make a plastic display for our food.

We caused climate change! Yes YOU, yes ME! Because we continue to buy what they sell and never think about the consequence!

Every product has a background story, and unfortunately a consequence for another species life. The list is endless and I’ve mentioned some things in previous blogs, we as humans exploit honey bees, trap and cage poor voiceless animals, spray poisonous pesticides on insects which birds then eat.

Not one item in the local supermarket is innocent of slave labour or free from animal harm. But please don’t cry, don’t get angry, there is a solution, you can control what food you eat. You as the shopper can be guilt free.

Why not reap what you sow?

How does your garden grow? Whether you have a concrete patio, a grassy lawn, a balcony or just a doorstop, you can grow your own food!

Those wonderful paper packets you get in garden stores, are the new money shakers. (Later you can trim or deseed from previous plants for next sow and save money)

Back in January, I asked my readers to try grow something, anything in the comfort of their own homes and I said I would too.

Guess what, if your late to the game, you still have another month to plant seeds. So they can grow through spring and be ready in time for harvest in the late summer.

I understand I have previous experience working from my own allotment space, but this year I decided to try grow my own food from home. As you will see further below I started with the seeds in trays, and I was thoughtful about what I used!

But first tips and instructions for growing your own!

What to reuse for seeds

>: Before you throw away – Cardboard trays from old packaging

>: Old plastic containers or fruit and veg trays

>: Old takeaway containers, lunch boxes.

>: Plastic bottles just cut the tops

Plastic is not biodegradable, do the planet a little favour by NOT burning plastic or sending them to the recycling factory, use them and save yourself money.

How to feed

>: Dry grow feed in a cardboard box or liquid feed in decomposable bottle

>: Old food shavings to make compost

>: Water little in the morning and night but don’t drown them

>: Organic Vegetable compost and top soil

Once they grow

>: Old Pots from the garden centre

>: Clay pots

>: A wooden bed made from old pieces of wood (wooden beds can be put over concrete or garden slabs)

>: Any old plastic container or bottle (plastic has advantages it attracts more sunlight)

>: You can create mini grow houses out of old plastic materials such as plastic dust sheets, old insulation, be as creative as you like.

Natural Pest Repellent

>: Make a bug house out of old concrete/ bricks or plastic and attract bugs there.

>: Garlic water for bugs

>: Vinegar water for some bugs

>: Shiny insulation material/sheets or reflectors keep birds away

>: Poly tunnels or Membrane

Instructions & Results

If you want to save time, energy and get the best results please plan ahead. It is always recommended to read the back of seed packets for advice.

Once you have your containers, your seeds and compost ready to go, plant them according to the depth and width. Please make sure you store them in a warm place and keep them fairly moist. Results usually show between 2-3 weeks and some need to be in direct sunlight.

I kept some of my seeds on my kitchen table near a radiator, and the others near the window for direct sunlight. I simply watered them daily and was careful not to drown them. I gave them extra grow food once a week, which went on top of the compost.

My results were fairly quick, within 2 weeks, I planted them into my bed with organic vegetable vegan compost, grow feed and lots of water from the rain! Then layered it with organic vegan top soil. Once they grow bigger I will sure upload the results on Instagram, I hope you share yours too!

 “That which secures life from exhaustion lies in the unseen world, deep at the roots of things.” ~ Rudolf Steiner


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  1. Love this post and how informative it is. Thank you for sharing some tips with us.
    I buy my vegetables or fruits from the local farmer’s market, or a small store that has fresh veggies and fruits from farmers, or I will get them thanks to my grandma’s neighbors that have gardens. So, I don’t buy veggies and fruits at the supermarket.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So happy you don’t buy from supermarket and source locally and grandparents who grow is always a bonus! X

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Emily says:

    I’ve never thought of that nor knew it was like that. Well, I knew about animal cruelty (such as the treatment to some chickens, pigs, etc. on farms), but unfortunately, I’m not in control of the groceries. 😞 I do want to try starting a vegetable garden now though!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You should try even with some small like some tomatoes by the window. Good luck x


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