The Earth is sinking..

There are approximately 7.7 billion people in the world today and there is one fundamental element the human race takes for granted. The presumed endless H20, yes, clean fresh water.

Your daily routine consists of: Turning on a tap to have a drink, turning on a tap to wash yourself, turning on a tap to boil food, turning on a tap to feed the washing machine to clean your clothes.

I guess you saw the repetitiveness.

Globally, we consume around 4 trillion cubic meters of fresh water a year and this figure does not include all accidents and leaks. I wonder, did you know to produce safe water we need to use carbon dioxide?

We burn around 116 billion pounds of carbon dioxide per year to have clean tap water and 82.8 grams per water bottle to grab at your convenience.

But only 1-2% of the world’s water is suitable to drink! Yes, its true there is a shortage of water.

If you are asking: Why should I care?

As our population expands, and our eating habits increase, we are slowly dipping into ground water which is incredibly dangerous. As if Earthquakes and Tsunamis aren’t enough to worry about, we now have sinks holes such as the one photographed below opening up.

We should care about our individual carbon footprint and help in any way possible to reverse climate change. You can do this by simply showering once a week, and use a thing named deodorant. As you wash less, your body will use its natural oils to clean you thereafter, and not only will you save water but money too!

Plastic Bottles

Are you ready for some illogical news? This is why I hate plastic bottles. We understand now there is a shortage of fresh safe water and when we buy one single plastic bottle it takes 3 times the amount of water to produce the bottle than to fill it!

Other Shocking Facts:

  1. The plastic bottle is made from oil and oil is the number 1 contributor to climate change.
  2. 900,000 plastic bottles made each year could power 1 million cars a year.
  3. Plastic is not decomposable and takes 1000 years to disappear and this results in landfills and litter in the sea.
  4. Bottle water is not safe to drink as 80% has not been tested by health and safety regulations.
  5. Plastic consumption kills around 25% of animals a year.

Food – we have too much choice!   

There are just too many people on Earth today to keep up with our eating demands! Now that is no reason to go to war, instead here’s the solution: We must be mindful about what we eat and cut back on our daily water consumption.

Before you roll your eyes because I’m about to preach veganism please look at the facts below and if you have any compassion or care about your child’s future make the switch, convert.

Have one item below a week and this is your C02 or Water consumption:

Key: One shower = C02 of 4.5 lbs & One mile = C02 of 95g

Beef – Equal to 1600 miles by car and 1 flight from London to Malaga, 6 tennis courts worth of land. (Which could have helped battle C02 gases)

A whole Chicken – Equal to 272 miles by car and 109 showers.

Lamb- Equal to 865 miles by car and 12 tennis courts of land.

Pork- Equal to 340 miles by car and 315 showers.

Fish – Equal to 690 miles by car and 542 showers.

A block of Cheese – Equal to 193 Miles by car 272 showers.

Two Eggs – Equal to 111 miles by car and 82 showers.

1 glass of Milk – Equal to 125 miles by car and 150 showers.

80g of Vegetables – Equal to 4 miles by car and not even 1 shower

One piece of Fruit Apple – Equal to 7 miles in your car and 17 showers.

One serving of Rice – Equal to 66 miles in your car and 202 showers.

2 Regular Potatoes – Equal to 9 miles by car or 1 days’ worth of heating.

I don’t need to convince you, the results are clear, if we want to survive climate change, its simple go vegan. Meat eaters you are able to get protein from green vegetables and many pluses.

“So I am living without fats, without meat, without fish, but am feeling quite well this way. It always seems to me that man was not born to be a carnivore.”  – Albert Einstein


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  1. Silvechild says:

    This is so disheartening and to think that there are people without access to clean drinkable water is so unfair.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Onemorechap says:

    Very informative post Rebecca! you always make me think with your posts and captions! you always give facts!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Amazing post as usual. Very eye opening. And I didn’t know the exact C02 or Water consumption but that list put things into perspective.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww Thank you Jess! So kind!

      Liked by 1 person

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