The Eco Friendly Shop

From Indoor Local Market to Award Winning Multiple Retailer of Fairtrade 2019

In 2003 The Eco Friendly Shop was founded in Somerset, by concerned citizen Amy Lawson. With a small range she was on a mission to bring awareness to England, on environmental issues and unfair trade labour. Over the years, as Amy’s ambitions grew, so did The Eco Friendly catalogue. They launched their diverse website in 2006 so they could branch out to the rest of the UK.

“ECO-FRIENDLY SHOP™ Is for people who care for themselves and the earth. All things in store are organic, recycled, up-cycled, fair-trade, and environmentally friendly with some local handmade arts and craft.” – Amy Lawson, CEO of the Eco Friendly Shop.

I must add with great enthusiasm they are mostly vegan and zero waste. Mr Nick Hewer himself presented the GOLD Award to Amy, and if you’re not impressed yet, the best is yet to come.

As The Eco Friendly Shop is honest about what they do and when they make mistakes they rectify them and yes Amy even encourages you to shop as local as possible to lower your carbon footprint. Oh bless her eco-warrior spirit, she certainly puts the planet before her profits.

Did you know the average person requires 4.5 acres to sustain their un-ecological life-style? Well, Amy just educated us all and yes we can make it smaller!

I received a mystery package from The Eco Friendly Shop and with pure delight I discovered some yummy, intriguing and helpful items.

Firstly the packaging, purposefully not new, was reused from old cardboard and minor plastic so it didn’t end up in a landfill somewhere, which I truly appreciated! Oh and the informative Fairtrade stickers I’m sure to post around town.

Inside, the goodies or should I say eco warrior essentials, wink wink, I found to be vegan, free from plastic, palm oil, SLS, fairtrade, recyclable and reusable.

Instead of JUST listing what I received and ranting about them, I want to direct you straight to the article/guide on The Eco Friendly website.

This article is all you need to become a decent consumer, and educate yourself why people like Amy and myself buy ethically conscious goods, because “It doesn’t cost the earth to change your way of life.”

Below is the useful information I found about my products, from the 52 ways to an Eco-Friendly Future I like to call ‘The Eco Bible’.

>: Toothpaste and Toothbrush

I received a brand of peppermint toothpaste by Truth Paste and A toothbrush by The Humble Co.

Advice – “Your tooth care should be from sustainable sources, ensure it has no micro plastics, no petro chemicals & no sls or sles.”

>: Kitchen Scrubs & Cutlery

I received wooden cutlery for lunchboxes or emergencies, a washing pad by LoofCo, and a washing scraper by LoofCo.

Advice – Made from old coconut husks, does remove grime from trays and the washing pad from loofah plant, is vegan unlike the Brillo-pad.

Stop using Petro Chemicals, as these are not great for your own health & they go down the drain into the water supply. Soap nuts are great for Laundry; never use Bleach again, use Bicarbonate of Soda for those mug stains.

Use some old tips & tricks for cleaning; learn how to use Vinegar, Bicarbonate of Soda, Lemon Juice etc. Aim to make some of your own cleaning products. Use old newspaper & vinegar on windows.

>: Deodorant, shampoo and soap.

I received a brand of deodorant by Earth Conscious, which is natural and ph balanced. A shampoo bar from FriendlySoap and a soap bar from Suma.

Advice – Should be chemical free, better for your health and the environment. Only buy cruelty free & Organic. Try & buy recycled packaging which can be recycled again or go zero waste.

Shampoo & conditioner, change brands, use less, use hair care products from ethical & sustainable sources. The products are a little more expensive but as you use less in a year, you save money and water.

>: Food

My personal favourite from the 52 ways to an Eco-Friendly Future and my favourite product I received, Organic and Fairtrade Hand Rolled Maftoul from Palestine.

Advice – Avoid purchasing from the big 10 Companies: Nestle, Pepsico, Kellogg’s, Mondelez International, Mars, DANONE, Coco Cola, Unilever, General Mills, Associated British foods & the companies/brands they own.

These companies do not care about fair trade for people, if a product is harmful or tested on animals.

Going forward & keeping your mind guilt free

This lifestyle may seem daunting and time consuming to the regular supermarket customer, but believe me if you choose to go into your local health store, you will find many of these products are readily available.

If you want to start somewhere try and order from Or Follow on Twitter @ecofshop, Instagram @ecofshop & Facebook for information on all products, lifestyle choices & the environment.

Did you learn anything useful? Are you an eco-warrior with a tip and keen to share? Be helpful leave a comment and make the world a better place!


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  1. Silvechild says:

    Sounds great! I’ll certainly check them out.

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    1. Yay! So happy you will! Make sure you read the guide. 😉


  2. Chemical free product are very helpful for skin. Really Amazing

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