My Top 5 life changing documentaries to watch in 2019

Veganism. Climate Change. David Attenborough. Greta Thunburg are just some names trending across the environmental sector this year.

Today I reveal my top 5 personal favourite environmental documentaries.

5   Before the flood – rated 8.3/10 IMDb thanks to Leonardo DiCaprio

Its at number 5 for me because it was partly hype. It was going to be raved about anyway when a well known actor is the lead star and it did get mainstream media coverage on the geographical channel.

If you haven’t heard about climate change, were have you been hiding the past 3 years? If you’ve been living technology free, your forgiven, how I wish I lived in one of those off grid communities.

Before the Flood is a highly factual documentary hosted by the charismatic actor and now UN representative Leonardo DiCaprio. It’s his personal journey to gather climate change facts and bring awareness on the devastating changes it has brought upon our species and how it will continue to impact our planet.

Without too many spoilers. The documentary takes you to places such as the north-pole and the coral reef and opens your eyes to the dying world. With an award winning speech at the end Leo gives us the facts and figures about the rising global temperature.

Good if you want hard-core facts and believe the UN will tackle the problem.

Bad if you struggle to take in information whilst crushing over a celebrity.

4   A plastic ocean – 8/10 on IMDb

Here we are shown the horrors of plastic and its damage on the ocean. What we can personally do about it and what teams such as Sea Shepard are doing to help. This one is for the beach and ocean lovers.

As a keen litter picker and living as much of a zero waste lifestyle as possible, I felt tormented and angry of the betrayal done by the whole recycling system.

We see surfers, divers and marine biologists reveal the shocking discovery that plastic has taken control of the oceans. It has contaminated the water, it’s inside the largest whale’s bellies and chokes birds daily.

One fact taken: There are 18 billions pieces of Plastic in the ocean today and rising, it will outweigh the fish by 2050, if we continue to dump litter carelessly and produce plastic.

Good if you are a keen swimmer, love sea animals and sick of seeing plastic on the beach.

Bad if you find it hard to swallow the sight of a poor turtle caught in a net.

3   What the health – 7.7/10 IMDb because those remaining 2.3 group of voters like the cure not the prevention.

This documentary holds the truth behind your food & medicine. Why the pharmaceutical and agriculture make trillions at the expense of mother earth and your fear.

I’ve hated the corporate world for as long as I can remember, I’ve dreamed of a utopia for over a decade, and I even write about it in my book series #thegirlfromourmoon. I personally believe in the herbal remedies our ancestors used to make, but here we find the shocking discoveries about the lengths the pharmaceutical go to, to fill the gap in the market and make money.

Its all marketing ploys people! Anyone ever heard of the placebo effect?

Of course one of the reasons we are sick is because of the pesticides sprayed on our crops and the things pumped into meat. We shouldn’t be eating death period, vegan is the way forward for your health, the planet and the animals.

Good if you want to know what is really in your food and the side effects to medicine.

Bad if you can’t handle the truth about what the greedy corporations do to take your money.

2   The true cost – with a 7.7 /10 on IMDb – I think the other remaining 2.3 of voters either work in the fashion industry or have no care for human rights or equality.

This was hard to rank in at number 2 as human rights violations, slavery and the fashion industry is a really big issue to me. However, it just wasn’t long enough or eye opening enough to get me really inspired to place number 1.

I love it when documentaries name and shame especially on live camera and an interview. The true cost shines the truth on the big designer labels, who pay next to nothing to their employees, and these same workers harm their own health and risk their own life’s to bring YOU cheap and fast fashion, in places such as Primark.

Good if you’re ready to change where you buy your clothes and tips on consuming less.

Bad if you’re prone to crying at polluted rivers and human death.

1  Cowspiracy – 8.3/10 on IMDb but I feel it deserved at least a 9.

I just loved this from start to finish, this is totally the type of documentary I prefer to watch I.E one man and his trusty camera. He goes vegan at the end!

He asks all the right questions but discovers the environmental companies who we thought we could trust to look after the planet and its species on our behalf, pretend to not know the answers.

We find out the real reason veganism isn’t talked about in the mainstream media, or by environmental companies because they would lose sponsorship from the agriculture industry.

Watch him get turned down by Greenpeace and a government official laugh about cow farts.

Good if you’re ready to go vegan.

Bad if you can’t bear to see a little animal abuse and deal with the facts that one nation (THE USA) are killing us all.

That’s my ramble over, if you’ve watched them comment your opinions below. It was short and sweet and I hope you check them out. It will change your life.

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